Who does God Call?

You hear and read people talk about being called to ministry. Today’s My Utmost is about being called to preach the gospel. Is preaching the gospel a special call of God that only a particular few get? I believe so.

But you might ask, “Isn’t everyone called to be a witness?” (Acts 1:8). Yes, as I’ve stated before, Acts 1:8 is a statement of fact, not a command or a call.
Isn’t this a contradiction?

God calls all of us to good works (Ephesians 2:10). Sometimes he calls some to the job of preacher. One of the families of Jews, Levi’s family, were called to be priests. And I expect about God wants to employ a similar percentage as pastors, teachers, and missionaries.

Is pastor-teacher the only call of God?

The church is the body of Christ. Everyone can’t be a foot, or a hand, or a nose. But for years, – even centuries – we describe the church as the organization that meets on Sunday. We try to shoe-horn every call of God into jobs in and around the local church.

God calls some people to drive trucks. He calls some people to sell products and services, some to accounting, some to customer service. He even calls some to practice law and some to work in our government.

You don’t feel called

Again, for centuries, we’ve only talked about the call to serve God in the local church or on the mission field. What if you’re called to serve God right where you are? Our world needs you doing the job you’re doing, or it needs someone doing it. Maybe you feel the pull to something else. Then (and I’m preaching to myself too) by all means, do it.

If we don’t follow and obey Jesus in small things, he doesn’t give us bigger things (Luke 16:10). By doing what we know he says, we train ourselves to hear his voice and we get the opportunity to join him in his work here on earth. Therefore, he calls us to serve him in all of our occupations.  (Note: there is a stipulation to this, that I’ll address in a later post.)

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