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New Year, New Magazine, New Mindset

Tulsa’s Community Spirit Magazine (Facebook page) is under new ownership and their January 1 issue is out. There’s a new section, too, called Rise and Shine. I had the honor of writing an article titled Adopt a New Mindset to Transform Your Life in the New Year.

Tulsa's Community Spirit Magazine

What can you do to change your mindset in the new year? Check out this article and this great magazine. Subscribe, or advertise. Let’s invest in building the local Christian community while we also invest more of our lives in following Jesus.

And don’t forget to pray for your coworkers, customers, and vendors. God will change your mindset as you give your thoughts to him. He has us working where we are to make a difference for his kingdom. Click the link, check out the post and share it to help your friends make an eternal difference today!

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