We Have a Job

I don’t think I’m an accident of evolution. When I decided to line my life up with the truth I understand from the Bible, I embraced the idea that I was created for a specific purpose at a particular time. The One who created me, created everything. And when I, along with everyone one of […]

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Judging Others

Projection is assuming a motive for another person’s actions and then judging the motive. Over the last few days I’ve witnessed a lot of projection. A coworker thinks others judge him because of some things he said in the pressure of the moment recently. Another had a medical mishap but was embarrassed. A third states […]

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Let Your Light Shine | Follower of One

Time to Act

When I consider my own beliefs about Jesus, I’m confronted by a tremendous disconnect. The Creator of the universe is involved in a major offensive to win back the very people He created. This serious battle cost Him dearly but it proves how important and valuable we are to Him. We’re not an accident. I […]

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